The Grinch Submarine Problem + a Whodump prob
  • I am having big problems.... Can anyone post a list of all Submarine BP's ?
    And the Whodump when I get all over the G-7's and other G's I have to ' wind ' activate other things to make some thingys go up ( srry I dont know english well ) then ppl say I shall jump on it.I try to jump but Grinch falls down of it... and the thingy i dont know how to say it it's like some Wind Station for the powerplant...
    I know you probably don't understand the powerplant thingy lol it's confused but can you tell me the BP's of submarines?
  • Here's the list of all 16 sub blueprint location around Who Lake.

    1)On the suspension bridge.
    2)Behind the sleeping beast.
    3)On the ledge under the end of the wire.
    4)On the roof of the cabin where you get the scout costume.
    5)Around back of the brown wall that you climb to get to the sleeping beast.
    6)On top of the large plateau at the waters edge near the suspension bridge.
    7)Between the large plateau and the nearby clothes line.
    8)Behind the clothes line near the changing booth.
    (north shore)
    9)On the ledge immediately left and below the bridge to north shore.
    10)Behind the blue shack where you find the paint cans.
    11)In the box below the blue shack w/paint cans, push stone block over edge.
    12)Inside the blue shack w/paint cans, only max can retrieve.
    13)Behind the little wall in the pink shack.
    14)On the ledge below the last branch at the sonic scarecrow.
    15)Behind the blue fenced-in cabin.
    16)In the box below the green shack, push stone block over edge.
  • thanks, problem solved