Did God Create Xenosaga?
  • Yes, I believe God made Xenogears....who else?! I can't get enough of it. I just want to play and play and not goto school and play. Of course my school is College and they can care less but still!!! What do you people of API believe?
  • i did?
    Damned if i remember doing that....

  • Gene, i think your post alludes to the unseen connections between Xenogears and Xenosaga.....either that or you meant to type Xenosaga but had Xenogears on your mind. In either case i would have to say yes, most definitely. I'm also going to say hopefully they didn't break that mold yet though as they still have a couple more games in the series(5 to be exact) that they need to make even more kick@ss than this Episode was.

    Oh, and for those curious, Xenosaga follows a variation of the Perfect Works book and flows it's full story over 6 episodes. Each story arc is rumored to cross over 2 episodes each with Episode 2 supposedly following the story of Shion's brother(but we'll see). So, now when someone asks what the greatest RPG is....you'll say? Actually with all the RPGs out right now it's hard to say which is better so we'll just say a combo of all the ones that have come out recently(Xenosaga, Dark Cloud 2, Breath of Fire) and a couple that have been out(Final Fantasy X, Wild Arms 3). Needless to say though, the PS2 is definitely for RPG lovers(especially with a slew of new ones scheduled for this fall(including Star Ocean, FFX-2, and i can't think of anymore off the top of my head right now).

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I played that game at my friends and I believe god made it! B) That game is really addictive, I think I'm going to rent it soon!
  • I bought it wedensday night I am loving every minute that I play it. I have only played through 6 hours of it and it is already one of my top fav games.
  • *gets ready to duck* I think God made Dot.Hack, but as an afterthought he might have tossed out Xenosaga to a very cool person. I have played some of Xenosaga and I am beginning to wonder how much I get to actually play and how much I actually watch... Dot.Hack is the opposite... Sorry, but God made the Dot, but not the Saga :)
  • I didnt vote, because I dont think I can finally awnser the question before I beat the saga, or at least the first one in the series.

    As far as God goes in XenoGEARS, no there is no god there is only The Will For Power!

    But im to addicted to .hack//infection write now to play anything else, but ive gotten a little into xenosaga.
  • Yes, Xenosaga has alot of cutscenes, which it needs to be able to clearly tell it's story. 75% of the first 6 hours are cutscenes and altogether there are about 20 hours worth with the longest being clocked at 45 minutes. Xenosaga is supposed to be an epic series and for that to happen, alot of story had to be told rather than played through. Still with about 35 hours of gameplay and 20 hours of cutscenes you have a 65 hour game and that's before you get engrossed in the mini-games, sidequests, and the leveling up for the fun of it. An awesome game of epic proportions is exactly what the PS2 needed and a 4 part episodic game by the name of .hack isn't that game. The .hack titles are excellent titles but if you add up the gameplay for the 4 titles then you get roughly 80 hours of gameplay but just remember that Xenosaga still has 5 more titles to come in it's series(with all being just as long if not longer).

    Don't get me wrong, i am still a big .hack fan but i know what game i enjoy playing even moreso than that....Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting andh ave fun gaming.