• I had my psp slim right..i dowloaded a patch or something that would upgrade my psp to 5.55 b gen so i could play gran turismo..after that everything went worng..first my games wouldnt work properly...and then i just formatred my memory stick and you know the memory stick is divided in folders right??now i connect my psp to the pc and there is only a bunch of folders that have nothing to do with the memory stick..also my ms is 8 gb..but now it says it only has 3815 mb....please answer fast i cant live without my psp...
    thank you
  • First thing I would do is another firmware upgrade- they are up to 6.00 now.

    As for the memory stick, I would put it directly in the computer and reformat it again (most computers these days have the card slots for them) and then put it back in the PSP. This should get it back to the full capacity.