North American PS2 overseas
  • Last month I brought my PS2 with me to China (I frequently go there on business). I plugged it in through a voltage converter and it blew up (I had a 1st gen PS2 bought on release day).

    A game store in China sold me a used slim PS2 with the power brick, and when I plugged it in it blew the brick, the PS2, and popped the circuit breaker in my hotel room. This shouldn't have happened at all since the brick is supposed to accommodate 110-240. I then bought a better voltage converter and another used slim PS2 with a brick and plugged the brick into the voltage converter. That worked fine, but the PS2 wouldn't play the game I really wanted it to play. I took that PS2 back but kept the new high quality voltage converter.

    Now that I'm back home, I bought a brand new silver PS2 and discovered that it doesn't have a power brick now. The question is, I'm going back to China and would like to bring my PS2 with me. The bottom of the new PS2 says it's for 110V 60Hz. The high quality voltage converter I have now, steps down the voltage but does nothing for the frequency. Will running my new PS2 on 110V 50Hz hurt it?
  • Dunno if you're still looking for an answer to this (and it's my first time posting here at these boards, so I'm still new to it), but I thought I'd share my own experience with you and any others out there.

    I'm an American who lives/works in China 11 months out of the year, so I have my PS2 (slim version) with me at my apartment here in Changsha city. I haven't been brave enough to plug it in directly to the power outlet (for fear that it'll blow up), but I use a simple voltage converter that I bought from RadioShack (cat. # 273-1401...roughly $15ish) with a cheap surge protector and I haven't had any problems with the PS2. After more than a year of us, the voltage converter's gone through a little wear & tear, but it still works perfectly.

    Hope this helps.