Problem with PSN MHFU Downloaded game
  • So it's like this, a friend of mine got a PSP Go and we bought Monster Hunter Freedom Unite from PSN, on the Go it works completely fine, but when we tried putting the game on a regular psp in the 1Gb memory stick, the game would load up to a certain point and then just hang there, the little light of the memory stick indicator is flashing rapidly, so it would seem it's loading but in reality it's not doing anything. The PSP is a slim, the god of war edition and it has the latest OFW. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?
  • How did you do the transfer on to your own PSP?

    The easiest way of getting the game moved over completely is using Sony's Media Go software on the computer. With the game transferred over to the Pc you can connect your PSP via USB and transfer over. This will make sure other bits like the license also gets moved over.
  • we bought the game on the ps3, made the download and directly from the ps3 we made the copy to the psp by using the usb cable.
  • Ok- what you should probably do is do as I described above. get the Media Go software on to your computer then once installed connect your PSP to the computer and re-download the game.
  • even though it works on the PSP Go?
  • Yes, even if it does work on the Go. here's one other nugget of info- you're only allowed one PSP tied to an account so you'll need to do it this way to make a temporary switch of this. Next time he goes to purchase another title just do the same thing to switch back. Just takes a couple of clicks.
  • but then why does it state that the game can be shared with up to 5 PSPs?
  • The problem seems to be some bit of data didn't transfer over before. Doing it the way I suggest will make sure everything gets on via the store itself.Otherwise, you can delete the info from your PSP's stick and try the transfer again.