Grinch CD Prob 2 [ Answer fast please ]
  • Okay.
    I tried to ' vanish ' the CD with a really soft cloth.
    And I have still the same problem;
    At the end of the generator building, when you completely end the building, a clip should play.And the game freezes at the clip.
    How can I stop that?!
  • The game is somewhat filled with little bugs such as this. If you are sure it isn't the disc (any scratches on there?) you may need to keep at it until it lets you go through the clip. There may not be anything that can be done.
  • yeah it has scratches....
  • Ok, those scratches are likely affecting that bit of data it needs. You should be able to find someone in your area that does disc resurfacing (maybe an independent game store, used music store, etc.). I've had this done before on a disc and it was working like new. Only costs a few bucks, too.
  • There's no resurface in my town....
    Im from a really small country in Europe.
    One trick the people said has worked is putting toothpaste on the CD and leaving it on for 5 mins then rinse off. Is that real?
  • I have heard of that but whether it actually works, I can't say for sure.
  • I tried it,but it didn't work :(
    Hmm..any other ideas, lol?