New Sitecom range extender causing IP address timeout
  • Hi

    Do range extenders work with the Ps3?

    The sitecom wl-330 has boosted the signal strength at home. Easy to set up and my laptop, squeezebox and pda found and connected to the network easily.

    Not so the PS3 which now times out. It sees the old router as well so I'm wondering if there's a conflict there.

    Any ideas?
  • What I mean by old router is the netgear router than the sitecom extender is linked to.

    It's like it thinks there's two networks.

    I remember when setting it up that the extender wanted me to disable dchp which in looking at ip address problems on this forum might not be good.
  • Yes, a range extender should work with the PS3 with no problems. It is possible you will need to re-do some settings on the PS3 or with the router/ extender combo to get things working.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    Not sure it's a problem with the extender though given that..

    1. It was previously working without needing tweeking
    2. 3 other pieces of equipment connect to the extender flawlessly.

    I'm wondering if there's not a fault somewhere in the ps3?
  • That's why I suggested also tweaking settings on the PS3 as well. Something may have messed up on it, possibly on a firmware upgrade (it has been known to happen).