• huge fan of the pes franchise however i am giving up and going to the darkside! Yep i am sorry to say that Konamis lack o foresight into providing its gamers with a server that actually works for online play means i am now forced to buy .!!! cue the omiinous music FIFA 10. I have tried again and again to play online have my konami id and just cant get a game no matter the lobby im in wether im hosting or if im looking for a quick game just wont workk, My connection is good which leaves me no other option but to do the unthinkable and sit here considering fifa. If anybody can help great as im strung out on cod world at war at the mo but ill love footie online and its pay day next week so help me before i leave pes forever.:mellow:
  • i made the jump to FIFA 09 after years of PES for the same reasons.

    BUT, PES10 is out in a few weeks and they have abandoned the Konami ID nonsense, so hopefully that means an easier to maintain, simpler server system.

    AND, it can't get any worse online can it?

    I am going to give it another go before i buy FIFA10.