• Ok! Here we go if you can get a answer right you win a prize of asking any cartoon question you want.
    What cartoon has little monsters that are being captured by a ball that's red & white ( kind of a stupid question)![B]
  • Pokemon! I know I am right so this is my question, (this is an eazy one)on which cartoon is it that the people are yellow?
  • The Simpsons.
  • I was looking for the simpsons, so your turn crickettrules!
  • Yeah Crickettrules, it's your turn now!
  • What cartoon has a character dieing nearly every week?
    Yeah, i know, its simple, but i cant think of something at the moment.
  • I would say Kenny from South Park, but it could be Scratchy from The Simpsons. He is one unlucky cat... :)
  • The German propaganda cartoon from 1943 called "Kontzentration kampf"?
    No offence ment!
  • I personally think it's Kenny from South Park! :lol:
  • Yep, you got it Danny, and Mastermind. But seeing as Danny was first, its over to you.