Slim PS2 won't detect any disks
  • Hello,
    As you can tell by my post count and join date, I'm really new here. So please excuse me if this question has been answered somewhere already, or just direct me there.

    I have a SCPH-70012 slim PS2. It was originally my cousin's ps2. He told me that it just stopped reading the disk, so when he tried cleaning it, he broke off the lens. So I took the PS2, and let it sit on my desk for the past year or so.

    I recently bought a PS2 lens off of ebay. I made sure everything matched my PS2's hardware in the description. I opened up my PS2, got the model number from the lens, and ect. I just got the lens today, and put it into the PS2, only to find that it doesn't work. It doesn't even give me an error message, it just spins the CD/DVD, and nothing. It says No Media when I go to the browser, unless, of course, I put in the memory card, then it only shows that.

    Now comes my problem: I have NO idea if this was a problem from before, or if the lens is messed up. My cousin has no recollection of whether or not it gave an error message before, or just didn't detect the CD/DVDs at all. I'm PRETTY sure that I didn't make an error while installing the lens, as I'm not that bad with working with computers and other electronics. So does anyone have any idea on what could have went wrong?

    Thanks in advanced,