Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King
  • I was just wondering what you guys think it will be like! I started to read the book! I hope it is good as the Two Towers, it would be a great movie then! I think I am going to watch the movie then read the book. What do you think the movie will be like?
  • I'll tell you now,tony,there is some stuff in The Two towers they left out of the movie in order to add a bit of action to Return Of The King so it may be a bit of a spoiler for you.Myself,I preferred to go the other way around-read the books first to get a mental picture of things,then watch the movie and compare that to how you felt it would (or should) look.Also,you'll have in mind some of the bits that were not put in the movie.
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    [b]I'll tell you now,tony,there is some stuff in The Two towers they left out of the movie in order to add a bit of action to Return Of The King so it may be a bit of a spoiler for you.Myself,I preferred to go the other way around-read the books first to get a mental picture of things,then watch the movie and compare that to how you felt it would (or should) look.Also,you'll have in mind some of the bits that were not put in the movie. [/b]

    I read the Two Towers book and they lest allot of stuff out! At page 50, I was still only like 5 minutes in the movie! The books are great and they have allot of detail! I loved the first 2 and I am looking forward to the third one too!
  • I'm looking forward to ROTK almost as keenly as I was FOTR. TTT nearly put me off the series, but I'm hoping for a strong finish. Keep in mind, with the money that's been generated by the first two films, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion probably aren't too far from going into production. Don't be surprised if this ends up being a series of films similar to that Star Wars what-not, with telling the story and then telling the pre-history and all.

    As for what was left out of TTT, and what was added, I think it best that I not start.....
  • Unless it's an anime i don't usually look forward to a movie. The LotR series is no different as i still haven't watched the first movie nor do i have plans to in the near future. I will more than likely see the entire series but that's some time away as i sit right now. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

  • Don't mind Mad, he's a self-proclaimed nutbag!! :lol:

    I am really looking forward to the next installment of LOTR!!! I fully understand how they have to make the movies a bit different from the books, and have to delete stuff in order to make it fit into a time frame that is suitable for the general viewing audience, and it doesn't bother me a bit!! I think the first two were very well done, and I can't wait to see #3!!!!! :D

    (WB is just picky, don't pay him no mind! :P )
  • Have to concur with you there Suze! Don't think I could of said it better.
    Perhap's it's through a misguided sense of loyality, that I come by my opinion? But I believe Mr Jackson has done a fair rendering of the film's, thus far and feel that ROTK will prove no different.

    Don't think I ever mentioned that I turned down the opportunity to be involved in the last two films? Nothing glam I assure you, just as an extra on a nag! Did the interview's and the various assesment's too. The horse passed with flying colour's, me, I was mediocre...........got scared by the big "Boom" noise's :blink:. Just fooling :P . That was the easy part, getting through all the paper and numerous vet checks (for the horse) wasn't so! But we did, none the less. Had an advantage, as there was a bit of a shortage of Bay's, Black's and Chestnut coloured horses of the correct stature, down in Central Otago at the time of filming. So they had to put their "feeler's" out further afield, and Christchurch was one of the places they looked. As you may already know, I have two horses, both of which fitted nicely into their category.
    Anyway, to cut a long and borring story short! I didn't end up doing it, although the money was great, and all expenses were included. I just couldn't give the time they required.......fine if the shoot was only going to take a week or so, but if the 'element's' hindered this, or something untoward happened, then it could of mean't being on location (one of the strict guidelines.......must live and breathe the movie's until your finished with!), for longer. And I just couldn't do that to the kid's! The mother instinct ran stronger than my desire for money....simple as that! D@mn that "stupid" quality <_< .<br />
    But I digress, yes I'm very much looking forward to the next installment.......but shall be taking a cushion for my butt!!!!
  • I will be there opening day. For you critics, I also notice the missing and added things Mr. Jackson has done. However, this is an impossible task bringing J.R.R. Tolkiens works to life. The only place they are truely interperated is in one's mind. Any book worth reading is the same way. For those who have never read the trilogy, I'm halfway tempted to spoil the ending for you. However, I'm not that kind of person. My fiance is still trying to pry it out of me.

    Whether you like what Mr. Jackson has done thus far or not, I think we all should watch the Return Of The King.
  • I am very much looking forward to ROTK. I loved that FOTR and TTT was pretty good, it would have been better if i hadn't read the books. But ROTK was definitetly my favorite installment in the literary series so i am really looking forward to the film.
  • I'm quite looking forward to the final film. Overall the films have been quite decent although there were some things put into the story that I didn't agree with. I didn't like the way the Ents were made to seem in the film. Visually they were exceptionally well done but I felt that they were made to appear like real boobs in the film. When they got together to decide whether to help or not in the movie happened way too quickly and they decided no wheras in the book the meeting lasted for 3 whole days and they voted yes. I also didn't like the fact that Faramir hauled Frodo ,Sam and Smeagol all the way back to Osgiliath before letting them go when in the book he realized the danger of the Ring immediately and let them go in Ithilien. Also ,having Aragorn taken into the river by the warg and miraculously reappear was pretty cheap. When trying to get such a huge story down into the limited time available I thought that why cheapen it when you have so much story to work with.

    Does anyone remember the half finished Ralph Bakshi animated version ? I think Aragorn was captured much more closely in that film than in the current one. He's made out to be too much the warrior rather the a true blooded descendent of the Numenorean kings. In the old film he was much more of a true ranger.

    You still have to admire the scope of such an undertaking. One other thing I noticed. During the journey between Bree abnd Rivendell, did anyone else notice that they passed by the 3 trolls that had been turned to stone in the Hobbit ? Bilbo mentioned it briefly early on in the first film but no mention of it was made at the time. It was on screen very briefly. Either that or there's still a little hallucinogen floating around my system from days gone by.

    I first read the trilogy in grade 7 and have reread it many times since, and waited a long time for the film version. In spite of my petty bickerings I still enjoyed it immensely.
  • I'm really looking forward to the third film The special effects are gonna be great, But I don't know how they will make it better than the two towers! :blink: . I saw the second one about half year ago and loved it! It was probably the best film i'd ever seen!! :woot: ! But it's not my favourite now it's kevin and perry or snatch. But i'm really looking forward to the third film of lord of the ring's!! :woot:
  • I can't wait for it, I think it will be a great conclusion to a great series I cant wait to see shelob! :punk:
  • Hey, I'm totally with you on seeing how Shelob will be portrayed. The way the Ents were done was quite excellent, even though they made the Ents ( an incredibly ancient and wise race of beings ) seem really dorky.I think it'll be outstanding.

    Here's a good one for you . A number of years back National Lampoon had a two page poster which read " In their darkest hour, Gandalf the Grey summons help from the Lord of the Rings fan club. " The picture shows a really nasty giant spider bearing down on the Fellowship with Gandalf casting a great spell to summon help from another dimension, which unfortunately turned out to a few university nerds with horrified expressions on their faces, one of them wearing a grey sweat shirt with the words " Frodo lives " across the front. It was hilarious.
  • i used to have that NatLamp pic on my wall!! i'm glad to hear that someone else noticed, appreciated, and remembered it!!

    i'm looking forward to ROTK, sure. but i gotta say, i downright dread a remake of The Hobbit. i'd rather see The Silmarillion, but i just can't imagine how it could be made into a movie ...
  • I watched the 2 movies, but then this one i think it will be better...heeh but the books are BORING! but anyway its good movie, the last one made me go to the bathroom record times. Lol yeah its going to be good, another blockbuster for sure. :fight:

    But isnt anime great as well? the new ANIMETRIX is coming out on dvd in june
    its cool.
  • I can wait.I didnt like the movies so much and i didnt like the books.Tolkien's writing style is too detailed for me.I remember a praody where a guy was reading the book and described a crapet for 3 minutes.
  • i would like to see it but i haven't seen he second one yet
  • There was an animated version of the tale titled "The Return of the King" that was a condensed yet fairly well done adaptation of the trilogy.I can't remember when it was released but recall it was not a bad rendition.

    As far as Gabriel thinking Tolkien's sytle's too detailed,he should try looking at some earlier author's works to get a real feel for long winded.Tolstoy took a full two pages just for someone to break wind (that's farting in modern parlance).