1st time posting here
  • Just wanted to say hello all. This is my first post.

    I expect to learn alot here.
  • Welcome, Hydrolyze. Feel free to pass some learning on as well- we like to see members helping members when it comes to assists in the gaming/ console questions. ;)

    BTW, I moved your first post to our intro section. B)
  • Welcome to AP Hydrolyze!!

    Not only have you found one of the most informative sites for the PlayStation fan, you also found one of the friendliest bunch of members around as well. You most certainly will learn a LOT here, and you can find an answer for just about anything PlayStation related, from games to hardware.

    As Lyndon noted, we also would love to hear from you as well; be it expert advice that you would like to share with others, to simply talking about the games you enjoy playing.

    Anyway, WELCOME and hope to see you on the forums and hopefully, online as well.

    PS: Be sure to post your PSN so we can add you.
  • :redface: its my first time,help!!!! LOL