• I'm stuck fighting the Sand dragon in the game Titled CONAN by THQ, can anyone help?
  • There are 4 steps to this fight. This excerpt I grabbed from a walkthrough should help.

    This part of the fight is really simple since the dragon essentially only has one form of attack. Since he is stuck in the archway he will only do a bite
    combo that ranges from one to three attacks. Anyone who has played God of War will likely find this similar to the first Hydra fight in the first level.

    To make this fight simple hold down the block buton whenever you see him going to bite at you. If you see his attack is coming as a lunging bite (straight at you) then roll even if you block the hit. It will break your block and leave
    you open to be hit by any further bites. You can usually roll even after your
    block is broken but before you're hit. If the attack is sideways, as in his head is turned a bit, you will be able to block it quite readily.

    When he is recovering from the bite attacks try to slip in a few strong attacks
    or a fast/strong combo. That's all there really is to this stage of the fight.
    Just keep that up until his head falls to the ground and you get a green rune.
    Press the button and then follow the button prompts to end this stage of the
    fight. If you fail he will heal, like the Bone Cleaver, and you will need to
    weaken him again. That, plus the damage he deals to you, make this something that you cannot afford to let happen.

    Phase Two
    Before this phase even starts you have to run for the higher ground. This is
    pretty simple, just keep running to the left and jumping when you need to cover some more ground faster. Eventually you will reach the fight.

    He has the same bite attacks as before but now he has two new moves. One where he flails his tongue around like a whip and one where he breathes a circle of flames. You can block the tongue attack but you must jump the flame ring. The timing to actually do this is another matter entirely so be very careful.

    The easiest thing to do is to wait for him to try and attack you and then hit
    him a few times. This might be a repeated strategy but it is what works best
    with most of these bosses. One of the best times to damage him is after you've dodged the flame ring attack.

    Once you have done enough damage you get to do another button press cutscene. Do it properly to take him out.

    Phase Three
    Take out the Stygians you come across and keep moving to the left. Don't bother trying to fight the Sand Dragon, you actually cannot hurt him here. Once you reach all the way to the left jump up and climb the wooden scaffold to the left, reaching the top. Once you are up here keep moving until you reach the end of this area. This part is not very hard to be honest.

    You see that tail coming up? Get behind one of the pillars to avoid being hit
    by the spines that it shoots out. Once that is done quickly move away from the pillar since he will destroy one of them.

    He has two attacks of consequence besides his usual bites. The first is a move where he slams his head onto the platform and causes a shockwave. This is easy to see coming so simply jump over it. The second is where he flings spikes from his tail. If you have one of the pillars still standing hide behind that. If you don't then just roll at the last second and pray that you managed to dodge the spikes.

    Chop him up whenever he tries to do the bite attack or the head slam. The head slam is a great time to hurt him since he has some pretty wicked recovery time on the move.

    Once again, this shouldn't be too hard. You're probably getting sick of him by
    now but hold on, its almost over.

    Phase Four
    This is the last stage of this fight but getting to it can be a doozy. All you
    need to do is run and keep jumping from platform to platform until you reach
    the top of this pillar. The problem is that the camera is constantly moving
    with you which causes some disorientation when you're jumping at times. Don't fret over it if you die, just keep on trying.

    This part of the fight stinks for one major reason. What you need to do is so
    obtuse and not easily noticed that you will likely die a few times even trying
    to figure out what you need to do here.

    To start with he uses three attacks: The bites, his flame ring attack and his
    tongue lash. You can block the bites (or roll if they break your block), jump
    the flame ring and block the tongue lash.

    Now what you need to do is attack the dragon when he rises into view. After you deal enough damage he will get staggered and almost lose his grip. Don't worry he is pretty easy to stun. As soon as that is done run to the left and bust up the wooden scaffolding here. You should still have enough time to push over the newly revealed rock. Use it three times to knock it over.

    Once it plummets you have your method of killing this bugger, a sword arm from the statue you are standing on. Engage the Sand Dragon again and stun it again. You might have noticed that the wood near where the rock was has been pulled down, revealing a lever. Go over to it while the Dragon is stunned and start to turn the crank with the right analog stick. You will probably not be able to finish this in one go, so stop once the dragon stops reeling and go stun the dragon again. Go ahead and turn the crank again once to finally end this fight.