Playstation Network Connection (HELP)
  • Hello, there. I am currently having some problems/issues with my router for my ps3 wireless connection. I currently have a 2WIRE 3700HGV-B with high speed internet. And I got a couple questions for my connection.

    Does anyone know the correct guide on port forwarding for my router? I think I did correct. I port forwarded the TCP and UNP to my ps3 ip address right??

    Also, when I do the internet connection setup on my ps3 and go to "custom" I do ip address 'automatic' and DNS automatic MTU automatic and UPnP disable. and when i connect to it wirelessly and look at the status list. I only get ONE DNS server from my router. :( no secondary server.

    And does anyone know any OPENDNS servers? What site dns server is the and

    Thanks very much for your help. :D