GameShark 2 & Eternal Ring
  • I have played RPG games most of my life and i am 46 years old and still playing them (Final Fantasy)Has always and will be #1 to me. Sorry on with this game This game is ok but i am kinda stuck in the water shrine because its like a maze and i keep going to where i have already been one way to get EX points but i can not open the red doors and my (GameShark 2) cheat disc will work with Eternal Ring i use the cheat disc like i do with all my games and when i take the gameshark disc out and put the game disc in all i get is a blank screen. I have tryed turning some of the codes off and even tryed with just one code on and i still get a blank screen. My gameshark 2 disc is ver1.3 it works with all my other games. I hope you can help me and many thanks even if you can not oh i wanted to let you know i have the same codes on my disc as you do on this site for that game.

    Thank You Very Much And Have A Great Day!
  • If that version of GameShark does actually work with Eternal Ring then it sounds like some sort of troubleshooting may be needed with GameShark's customer service. I honestly can't think of anything that would correct this.

    Meantime, however, if you get to a particular point and need help in the game give us the deets on where in the game you are and what's happening and we'll try to lend a hand. ;)