NBA 2k10 is garbage
  • i bought the anniversary edition and was enjoying the game UNTIL............. my player mode i went through entire season got 2 tha finals and NOTHING the game freezes when i try to play next game. i was workin my fingerz 2 tha bone 4 nothin.!!!!!!!!!! I LOOKED IT UP ON THE NET TO SEE Y IT WAS DOING THIS AND COME TO FIND OUT 2k10 HAS A LOT OF PROBLEMS NOT TO MENTION 2k SERVERS ARE WACK... I LOVE 2k games but i feel like 2k just wants tha $$$$$$$ N DOESNT CARE BOUT THA LOYAL PPL 4 kicks NFL 2k5 was tha best football game eva made period.
  • does anyone know how to make the defense stronger?