Uncharted 2 and SF4 Wont connect at school
  • I am connected through my college network. Games such as Fifa 09 and Madden 10 work perfectly over the psn network and i can connect each time to the PSn network when i sign in. Uncharted 2 and Street Fighter 4 wont even make it into the lobby when trying to go online. Uncharted 2 gives a message that says error Initializing system Manager and Street fighter says psn connection was lost. Would there be a reason other games will connect but these two will not?
  • I have my School proxy configured on my playstation i just find it weird that EA sports games work easily and others do not
  • Some of the games may well be using different ports which are likely closed by your college network administrators. You'll need to discuss with them regarding options.
  • thank you i notified my school they are going to look for which ports to open for me to use. They thought it was like xbox live using one port only.
  • We have all of the ports that Sony uses listed in the pinned thread at the top of this section, Adris. You could pass those on to them.