• Recently I bought an used PS2 which according to the seller was working fine. I tried to use it but I can't even turn it on. I think it is broken but just to be sure I wanted to know if there is something I could have done wrong when connecting it and stuff. Any thoughts or should I just give up and try to get a refund?

    Thanks for your time.
  • When you turn it on you should at least hear the disc drive make some noise. If you cannot even get this or see any sign of a power light definitely get hold of whoever sold you that system.
  • Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it.

    Now, in light of some new information I have come to believe the PS2 I bought was actually damaged during shipping rather than the seller actually selling me a broken PS2. Assuming that was actually the case and the console was damaged during shipping, what part is most likely to break due to a hit(and result in the PS2 not turning on)? I ask this because I have seen plenty PS2 fall to the ground and still work perfectly so maybe someone with experience on the matter could shed some light on what could have actually broke and how much it would cost to repair.
  • It is possible the damage is done to the main motherboard itself, maybe a connection to the internal power supply. Sony would be able to repair the system for you, the cost would be around $60-$80. Might be better off in the long run to buy brand new in store.