easy game for 5 yr-old?
  • Hi,
    My 5 yr-old son is just starting to play with a psone, and I would like to find some games for him. He didn't really like Grantourismo... He has seen his cousin play SuperMario, and seemed to like the concept. I was wondering whether there is anything like that for psone. The next question is how to obtain games, since I can't find them in stores??? Is it so outdated? We live in Switzerland.
    I don't know much about games at all, so please be specific if you can!
  • Yes, the PSOne games can be a bit hard to find seeing as they haven't been made since the early 2000's.

    Some games I can suggest that are in a similar vein to Mario are the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot series of titles. The best place I would say to find the original discs these days would be eBay. If you do check there make sure the games you check out are made for PAL systems, otherwise they won't work in your PlayStation.