• Hi...I'm new in this forum and I'm gonna get my PS3 tomorrow and I need some help. I have had many consoles and my PS2 was awesome but I never got to use the PSnetwork...So I have heard that the PS3 absolutely NEEDS internet to work...is that true? To which extent is a connection needed?:redface: I have a crappy service here in my country (Ecuador is not known for its top technology) so I'm worried that I would not be able to exploit my console as the way it was meant to be. Do I need broadband? What is the minimal requirements for the connection to work? Thanx guys for the help...:cool:
  • Having a broadband connection is rather necessary in order to be able to grab updates for games or purchases from the PlayStation Store (and, of course, playing online against people around the world).

    I can't say for sure the minimum requirement but if you are using a DSL or cable connection you should be fine.