• Hi,

    I bought PES 2010 PS3 yesterday and I need to upgrade to be able to play. But the upgrade always stops with "an error occured" whether i use the upgrade version on the disc or I use the newest version found on the internet.
    This message occurs: Please contact technical support and (8002F147)

    Do I have to keep trying or is there a way to "force" the upgrade to succeed in any other way?

  • There would be no "upgrade version" on the disc, it would be the original version.

    You may just need to try again later- it could be a problem with the Konami servers.
  • Thanks for the response,

    I get the same problem when I try to install the latest version of PS3 (3.1) found on the internet. It stops after three seconds everytime. I have even tried downloading the latest version on to a memory stick in case there was a problem with my cordless internett connection. But no luck. The same message after three seconds ot installing the latest version. Do I need to reboot my machine or am I doing a rookie mistake of some kind? I am no computer wiz (or PS3 Wiz in this case)
  • Ok, did you ever set up the port forwarding on your router? If not it's possible this is what you will need to do. We have the ports listed in the pinned thread at the top of this section as well as a link to a site that guides to the correct place in most routers to apply them.