Weird Internet problem (Cable)
  • Hello absolute psn :D

    I've had my share of anoing pests of problems througtout the years, but now i have found one, i just can't solve.

    My pc is hooked directly to an ethernet input (sorry i'm danish, my vocalubary fails at times) and working fine, the problem is, THAT is the only ethernet input i do have, so when i want to use my ps3, i have to dc my pc, and shift cables, which ofc sux, but better then nothing, but suddently, my ps3 refuses to optain an IP, AND when i force it to have the same IP settings as my pc, it gets a DNS error, EVEN with the same DNS settings as my pc.

    I'm living with a shared internet connection, so my best guess is that its going to a router somewhere, but it's not even getting an IP when i connect the ps3, yet my pc connects fine, so my only guess must be that its the ps3 failing, and not the router?

    Please help, this one is really really bugging me, which is making me sad, and yeah, i tried looking for this, but all the problems doesnt seem to be similary :(
    I also tested to see if it was the cable that was broken somewhere, but it can connect fine to my pc and share media with it.
    And it was working for like 1 hour ago, then i connected ps3 and pc to watch some movies, and then when i tried connection the ps3 back online for some cod ownage, it couldn't get online.
    I also tried reseting the system... no luck there eigther :S

  • Lacy, is this shared access in an apartment building, university residence or something of that nature?
  • universty residence :P
    the weirdest thing about all this is that it worked for like 2½ hour ago, and suddently after a unplug replug, it dont
  • That's what i was thinking it would be when I read your post. Part of the problem you are running into is some of the ports that the PS3 needs open would be closed by the people that are running your residence net access. Because of this the PS3 can't get online. You'll need to talk to them about arranging access for your PS3.

    They may need to get some information like the PS3's MAC Address to add it in to the "white list" of allowed devices. You'll find this on the PS3 by going to the Settings menu, down to System Settings and select System Information. You may also want to list the ports that are needed- you'll find these in the very top thread of this section of the forums.
  • yeah my first thought where the ports too, but i've dealt with ports before, and i was always allowed to get an ip, my only problem then was psn, but i dont even get that far now :S
    and i used this net for ages, and i know other ppl uses xboxes here too, but ofc i cannot ask them since i have no idéa who it is
  • well, seems i've found a fix, so to speak, apperently someones "hacking" the universerty net with his media server in a illigal way, and giving ppl fake ip's, the only reason my pc dodges this is because i have more freedom with its system, so i can make it avoid the wrong ip's, and forcing the ps3 to have the same ip as my pc doesnt work cus its wrong settings, or i could prob fix it, but i donno how, and its way easier to just wait a couple of hour for the university router to blacklist that other guy lol :P sorry for the bother, looks like my case was a 1 out of a million xD