ps3 ring of death like the xbox360 EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • okay so ive had my ps3 for as long as it has been not sure how long but the ps3 on my says march 2007....somewhere from then started a couple weeks ago, but my ps3 is not shutting off by itself while im in a middle of a match. The power light starts blanking red over and over again. I've restarted it like hundreds of time, but the end result is just the same. I've let it rest for a couple days now and i just tried it again to which is sept. 26 of 2009 and it just keeps on warranty is over and i don't want to respend money on a new one either because this happened to my old ps2 too. The big ps2 that came out far back before the ps2 slim. So my question is " is it possible to send it and get it repaired?" or do i just simply have to buy a new one? cuz call of duty modern warfare 2 comes out not even a month from now 11-10-09! so please let me know asap... thank you
  • Bump. I have no idea who i would trust to attempt to fix this other than ringing a Sony helpline... if that exists. I would start to wonder why the playstaions are breaking down and would probably recommend a surge strip like the ones Belkin makes.
  • This happened to me once before all you do is email or call Sony and tell them your situation. They will send a box for you to put your ps3 in to send to them, it arrives in two-three days. The box will contain some things to do before you send in your ps3. When your ps3 arrives at Sony they will asses the damage and then they will either fix or replace your ps3 and it will arrive in again two-three days. All in all it will take two-three weeks.
  • Sony does have a helpline for PlayStation tech help/ customer service. For us in North America it's 1-800-345-7669. For the UK you dial 08705 99 88 77.
  • whats the service request number? cuz they want that and i don't what it is...and what is the ps3 email address?
  • The "PS3 e-mail address" they want is most likely your own address you use for your PSN name. As for the service request number, you are asking to request service so you wouldn't have one of these yet.
  • no the ps3 email so i can email them the problem....but i did the call and i did the voice machine thing until they said now enter either your phone number your recieving from or the service request number....? i entered my number didn't work and the service request is a blurr.
  • Alvin, it could be days before you get a response via e-mail. It's much faster to contact by phone. However, if you must do it that way, use this form from the PlayStation web site.
  • i will try the phone and see how that goes but if not then i might just buy a new one...thanks for all the efforts in helping.