• I've found a myriad of discussions and suggestions across this site and the rest of the web concerning my problem, yet nothing has proven successful to this point. When I test my internet connection the PS3 recognizes the IP address but is unable to establish an internet connection. I live in a college housing community with its own router so asking the ISP to reset the modem would only make me look like a dummy. I've tried restarting my router and PS3 but no dice.

    Any suggestions?
  • Flawjick, it's because of the connection you are using the PS3 can't get online. Internet networks in school housings such as yours are closed down pretty tight to keep things secure. This means some of the ports the PS3 needs are closed, even with your router, by the IT people that manage the connection. You'll need to discuss with them regarding getting your PS3 online.
  • Oh no!!! Lame school...let's see what I can do. Thanks a lot!