Colin Mcrae Rally 3
  • First, I want to say that CM3 is a great game - BUT! a BIG F**K YOU to CodeMasters for having users BUY the cheat codes! Absolute incredible... but well... its their choice; they wont get more customers for doing so, thats for sure.

    Second... There is a cheat posted on this website ( which contains a "General Cheat" in which a tipper has made a post about Unlocking All Cars. The tip is about pressing keys on the gamepad, so I have one question only:

    What is X1 and X2 ?????

    As far as I know, there is only one button marked with an 'X' so... does the tipper mean the analog stearing buttons which are "clickable" or does the tipper maybe have a different gamepad than me?

    Would appreciate any help (even cheats/codes are welcome, hehe :-)

    /Regards, Anna E.
  • Press The Following At Title Screen To Unlock All Cars:

    R1 L2 L2 R1

    Up, Left, Down, Right

    Square X1, Triangle, X2, Square X1

    Given that i don't have the title i cannot confirm whether the code works, but from the way the code is posted, one would assume that the "X" stands for "times by", such that:

    Square X 1 - means press the Square button Once

    Triangle X 2 - means you press the Triangle button Twice

    I also came across the following after a little search (again i cannot confirm whether they work or not):

    Colin McRae Rally 3 (PS2)
    Code Notes:
    The codes listed below will only work if the appropriate one is entered for the Bonus Code for your specified game disc. Enter codes for the Bonus Code your disc displays.

    Cheats For Bonus Code 1154
    All Cars: WWACNU
    All Difficulties: AUNAMA
    All Parts: UZVLLB
    All Tracks: XWUDBU
    Baja Buggy: PHOUOT
    Battle Tank: ZIIUUR
    Hovercraft: MHXIPE
    Jet: LOWWOH
    RC Cars: AQVATU
    Super Focus: UYNFVA

    Cheats For Bonus Code 1432
    All Cars: FMGUOT
    All Difficulties: UXNKFB
    All Parts: KEZIPE
    All Tracks: RVNUUR
    Baja Buggy: VURCNU
    Battle Tank: ZSSDBU
    Hovercraft: NXDLLB
    Jet: YJBATU
    RC Cars: GBPWOH
    Super Focus: LPGXUE

    Cheats For Bonus Code 1866
    All Cars: OQJHOK
    All Parts: FHPIWQ
    All Tracks: ODIFCS
    Battle Tank: LWXEIF
    Jet: RUGSSH
    Hovercraft: BKQBAU
    RC Cars: PFKCXQ
    Super Focus: WSNBSB

    Cheats for Bonus Code 0976
    All Cars: MKCLLB
    All Difficulties: WSNXZU
    All Parts: FHPCNU
    All Tracks: ODIATU
    Baja Buggy: NQFIPE
    Battle Tank: LHZWOH
    Hovercraft: IURUOT
    Jet: GOBUUR
    RC Cars: WWBDBU
    Super Focus: OQJZZY

    Hope they help

  • Ok, thanks :)
    But I'm not quite sure that you are correct there. If you are correct, the cheat post contains a typo.

    Square X1, Triangle, X2, Square X1

    Square X1, ok...
    Triangle, ok...
    then... X2 ? Has the author of the cheat made a typo and inserted a comma where it shouldnt belong or does it mean something different?

    See what I mean? :)
    Will try your version of it though and get back to you if it works. Thanks :)

    Unfortunately, my secret code (or whatever its called) is 3499 i think, so none of the cheats you posted works for me :(

    /Regards, Anna
  • Well, he may have meant the "X" key and the X2 was actually suppoed to be X 2 times. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.