I Just "heard" This One
  • It seems Dubya, PM Blair, and Jaques Chirac were enjoying a hot tub together and taking a break from the intense political activities of the day, when suddenly a high pitched "beep-beep-beep" rang out. President Dubya said "excuse me fellas, I'm being paged" he then pressed his right index finger into his left forearm, and the beeping stopped. Then he said "state of the art communications....I have a pager implanted in my arm so Cheney and Powell can reach me anytime, anywhere."
    Just a second later, a phone goes off and PM Blair puts his hand up to the side of his face and says "That'll be fine, I'll be there shortly," then he turns to his tubmates and explains "also state of the art. I've had a telecommunication chip implanted in my hand, so I can receive and place phone calls anytime, anywhere"
    Naturally, Jaques Chirac is flabbergasted, and excuses himself to the restroom. When he returns, he has a long strip of toilet paper hanging out of his trunks. When he's certain that Bush and Blair have noticed, he says "Sacre Bleu!, Who is faxing me now?"


    A little bunny and a baby snake, both orphans and both blind, are finding their ways through the forest on a particular morning, when they happened to meet. The little bunny tripped over the little snake and then started to cry little bunny tears. The little snake soothed the little bunny, "don't cry" said the snake, "things can't be that bad for you, I have lost my mother and I'm blind." The little bunny answered the little snake, " I have lost my mother and I'm blind, and I don't even know what I am." The snake responded,"me neither" and added,"since we're both here, maybe we can help each other out. Come here, and let me check you out." After a few minutes the snake said, "well...you have floppy ears, big feet, buck teeth, a wiggling nose, and you're covered with soft fur.....so you must be a bunny" The bunny was amazed, because he felt like a bunny, then he took his turn going over the snake. After a few minutes of patting down the snake with his little bunny paws, he said, "Well......you're smooth and slippery and you smell a bit. You have a forked tongue, no backbone, and no balls......you must be French!"

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  • Good Lord, I'd hate to have to 'read' that fax!! :blink: :lol:

    Must have been a MALE French person, no hairy armpits either! :P

    Very very nice ones WB!!
  • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is classic!!!!!


    that is really good good work!!!!

  • Yeah!? Well, I thought this one was funny:

    Giuseppi walks into work, and he says, "Ey, Tony! You know who's-a George Washington?"

    Tony says, "No, Giuseppi, who's-a George Washington?"

    He says, "Hah, you be dumb! George-a Washington's the first-a President of-a United States.

    I'm-a go to night school, learn all about-a United States, and become-a U.S.-a citizen." A couple of days later, Giuseppi comes to work and says, "Ey, Tony, you know who's-a Abraham Lincoln?"

    Tony says, "No, Giuseppi, who's-a Abraham Lincoln?"

    He says, "Hah stupid! Abraham-a Lincoln is-a sixteenth President of-a the United States. I'm-ago to night school every night. I learn all about-a United States history, and become-a U.S.-a citizen."

    A guy in the back of the shop yells, "Yo, Giuseppi... you so-a smart, you know who Fishlips Picollini is?"

    Giuseppi says, "No. Who's-a Fishlips Picollini is?"

    The guy yells back, "That's the guy who's bangin' your wife while you're in night school, idiot!"