Do patches for motorstorm pacific rift actually exist ?
  • hi all,
    i am bloody furious at some games copy protecting the save data, i wanna migrate my motorstorm pacific rift saves to a new ps3slim, but unless there is a patch for unlocking the saves im stuffed.

    some sites say there is such a patch, but i cannot find it anywhere on the playstation network/store, all i can find are 2 tracks packs and a load of free livery packs.

    anyone aware of this patch for this game, and where is it ?
    and if it does exist, how can i apply it to my old ps3 with the saves for this game cos my blueray drive has packed up (quite common now, sony were aware of the blueray drive fault but have decided to shaft customers by only offering an 18month warranty on a machine not fit for purpose, my drive went after 20 months of light usage and everyone i know with 60gig etc ps3s have kaput bluray drives, DAMN YOU SONY, YOU ARE CON MERCHANTS)
  • I have never heard of any sort of patch/ work around to be able to get those write-protected saves to be copied for transfer. All I can suggest is contact their customer service and go straight to the source for an answer.