Ps2 Will Not Play Ps1 Games But Will Play Ps2 Game
  • my ps2 will not load ps1 game and gives read error, but will play ps2 games no problem. My ps2 boots up with "browser" and "system configuration" menu when there is a game in the tray, I have read that this should only pull up when tray is empty and system is started. If there something I need to reset, or is the physical hardware--causing problems.
  • If I were you, I would just bring it back!
  • Well, the part about the "browser"/"system configuration" booting up even with a disk in tray is not a big deal, to my knowledge it does that for all ps2 (I've only seen about 6 different ones though, so maybe the ones I played were just weird). Uhhh, as for the PS1 games not playing, could it be that the games are scratched? Have you tried them on another PS2? or on an old PS1 to see if they work? If they do work, then it might have something to do with the PS1 drivers. How long have you had the PS2? If it's still under waranty, I'd call the Sony help line, and see what they recommend doing, or if they have any trouble shooting about it.

    Later all,
  • Hey Gamer100,

    I know there are a few PS1 titles that for one or another reason will not work and play on the PS2, I believe there was a list done in the forums a while ago. Failing that try and use the games on another machine as Darkraider said.
  • Before we decide what the problem is, o back into one of those games and click on browser and see what happens. If the disk comes up then click on that and it should take you into the game. Many PS1 titles take you to the main PS2 screen and randomly it will happen for PS2 games. If it doesn't work still then come back and let us know and we'll answer why it's messing up for you. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.