• I recently purchased the console, was wondering about the trophy collection. Been playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, got some trophies in the game. The game does recognize the acheivements. but my Trophy Collection doesn't? The Trophy collection does recognize the game, but doesn't show the trophies I gained. It's just show zeros across the board.

    My online ID is BadSamurai, but apparently I may have registered the console under a different name since I see SamuraiAssassin underneath "Trophy Collection" and other links in the Game menu of the PSN. Can that be a problem?? and how do I correct this???
  • Any trophies you earned when playing under the SamuraiAssassin name are linked to it for good. Your ID here has no bearing on your PSN ID. When you go into the Trophy Collection in the Games menu of the PS3 you will sync up all the trophies you have earned to your PSN ID.
  • Ok, still not showing up at all. I logged in my PSN, and my Online ID does recognize the game, but not my trophies.

    As for the Trophy Collection... I have synced with my the network, still to no avail.

    Is this a bad console if my trophy collection is not working???