• hey are people having trouble with tekken 6
  • Haven't heard any news of any problems with the game as of yet.
  • hello pz i have to many problems in tekken 6 first thing first yher is som ejuggles i had seen them in youtube but the title of them is insane combos thats meen you cant do them and thats true i want you to learn me how to be profficinal in tekken 6 is there any other joystic easy to play than ps3 3 joy in doing juggles there is some moves like in kazuya like the ( FAST RAISING UGGERCUT ) not the slow one i cant do it and i want you to be my master in learning tekken6 and teach me from the beignning plz plz plz
  • Why do I feel i should answer this in Yoda-speak? "Practice you must".

    There is no way to 'teach" pulling off the moves over the forums. All I can really do is provide a partial move list that someone has made.