Please help - game loads forever - nothing happens
  • Hello to all ye experts !
    I badly need some help.

    Up until 2 weeks all was well. I recently bought FIFA 10 and then problems started. The game would freeze all of a sudden and then I would be forced to restart. Some time this would work out.

    Now, when I put the FIFA BD in, it just keeps loading. The little circle at the top keeps circling but the game does not load up.

    I tried to do the foll:
    1. Check other games - all have the same result, nothing loads
    2. I updated the system to 3.01 to see if that resolves it but no luck.

    I am really scared now - maybe my console is screwed. I dont know what to do. Can you people please help me out? I dont know if I should clean up something for I dont know how (have never opened up the console).

    Urgent people, please do respond


    PS : Mods dont be mad if this post is getting replicated more than once - I posted this in customer service area but I could not find my thread once I did. So posting it again here
  • To clean the PS3 just fire up the vacuum and run the hose along the vents, it will suck out some of the dust that gets in there. You may also want to have a can of the compressed air (found in computer/ electronic stores) to give a quick shot or two in and stir up the dust, this will make it easier to suck out.

    If things still don't work after cleaning you may want to contact Sony via their toll free number.

    BTW, no worries about the extra posts down there. The Customer Service section is set so that posts need to be approved first, which is why they didn't show right away.
  • Thanks Lyndon but cleaning did not help.
    I have given it to a PS3 servicing guy, he checked the loading process and said the lens is most likely gone kaput. Bad scene
  • Lyndon !!
    Finally solved, it was a kaput lens. Got it changed. Need one piece of information. Original lens seem to be difficult to come by, where can I get them - ones that are reliable and trust worthy?

    Thanks for all the help!

  • The guy you have repairing it should have a better handle on where to get this sort of part. Try a search for "PlayStation 3 parts" in Google and you should find some sites. To be honest, the only place I would trust with the right parts is Sony themselves.