Connection problems
  • Hey,
    I'm wondering if you could help me with my ps3 internet connection. I used to have a wireless connection to my router until I began to have problems with it since a member of my family bought a laptop that they have connected to the same router. Since then I have had problems playing online getting 'lag' and difficulty connecting to friends who before i hadn't had trouble connecting too. I have now recently changed my connection to a wired one and yet i have seen no change in the problem.

    Do you know any way I could solve this problem?
    A new route possibly?

    P.S. I am new to this website. Am i writing this in the right place? :redface:


    Awesome_Dude (PSN: GypsyBoi :D )
  • Yes, you put this in the right place. :) I answered your original post about this problem here.
  • cheers mate ;) I'll try that out