• can anybody get past the stage where you have to escort gregeroff out of the womens prison....ive tried and tried but cannot save him....is it just relly hard or am i doing something wrong?
  • Are you playing on hard mode or did you just jump straight into the game?
  • how can you plasy on hard mode
  • Supergrover, i haven't played it for a while cus i got stuck exactly where you're having problems. I've managed to get Gregorov outside and even up onto the end walkway via the lift with full health), but he just gets lit up like a christmas tree before the end. Most of the time he'd be virtually dead by the time we got to the lift. I think its just a case of trial and error and a whole lot of luck (just like some of the missions in Driver2). The only way to do it is to just keep moving, cus if you stop to try and take out any of the snipers, Gregorov buys it big time.

    Gabriel Knight- as far as i can remember, to play on hard mode, you first have to go to the title screen and then New Game, press:
  • [b]unfortuately supergrover i suffered the same problem

    its easy to get fat boy up on the wall with full health but by the time you get to the second tower he is full of holes.
  • Ok guys this is real simple.........RUN!!!!!! Make the fat man run a little. Run like a mad man and shoot anything that moves and that isn't fat. You can make it trust me. I did it on the first try. I think it was god on my sholder during that cause I dunno how I even did it with out dying, but it can be done. Try and keep ahead of the fat guy and take out as many ppl as you can. He can hold his own somewhat. Of course being a big target doesn't help, but oh well. You can do it man. Use the FORCE!. Or just stragtigize.

  • i got past aljir prison escape fairly easily but when i got to the maedical lab i just couldn't bother withthe game. how do u play on hard?! :cool: