obscure aftermath
  • does anyone know how to get in or out of the cemetary in the beginning?:
  • If you mean the Hospital Courtyard in Chapter 5 follow this:

    Switch to Corey then run over to the door in front of the ambulance with the shining lights to get a jump command. Jump and grab onto the ledge up above then shimmy to the right and pull up when the command appears. Get on top of the raised area to the right then jump and grab onto the next ledge up above that raised area. Shimmy to the right once again.

    Flyers will begin to attack while Corey shimmies to the right and Corey will fall and grab onto the next lowest ledge. Keep moving to the right without stopping then pull up to the roof when prompted. Fight off the Flyers with a
    handgun or a melee weapon. Heal if necessary. The way into the hospital is
    through the nearby window but you first have to help Amy up to the roof. Drop into the hole on the side of the roof then unlock the door in the small room to let Amy in. Climb back up with Corey then take control of Amy and step onto the box then switch back to Corey to get a "Lift" command while standing above her. Lift her up then step through the window of the hospital for a cutscene.
  • no, it is really the beginning of the game, when you awake in the woods and have to cut through the cemetary, there seems nowhere to go. you can hit
    those maniquins but the last two dont break or move.this is my first psp game so im not sure if im missing a way to move. thanks for your help! :)
  • maple 7, im OBI-WAN-PRIME and iam stuck at the same spot, and do not know how to get threw either? Allthough this is not my first game, im thinking something is wrong with our games (UMD'S) and Im going to return mine for a new one. Sorry I couldnt do more to help