Mgs Special Missions
  • Hi im having probs running metal gear solid special missions on my ps2 on the change disc screen were it says to insert the orginal metal gear solid disk i do so but it always gives the error wrong disk inserted can any1 help? i have a european ps2 the playstation driver version is 1.10 if thats any help
  • Are you asking about Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions for the PS1?

    I was not aware of this game asking for a MGS disc, anyway there are two discs for MGS are you sure your putting in the correct one?
  • Hate to say it but I think MGS:VR Missions (Special Missions) is one of the few discs that will not work on the PS2.
  • Thanks 4 help mgs special missions is an add on disk for the orginal mgs u have to have the orginal for it to work ive tried putting in both disks (not at the same time:))