• does anyone know what to do in the beginning of the game when u wake up in the woods and have to cut thru the cemetery, i cant figure out wher to go.
    you can hit the 2 dummies in the back with your bat but they dont break or move, is there something im missing? thank for your help!;)
  • Hi, I'm having the same problem as u r. Let me know if you get an answer and I'll do the same ! Good luck BigGEE
  • I was able to break the dummies and then to the right break a few more-- than there was a cut scene with a girl (Amy, I think) being dragged down a ladder and I walked over and hit x to head down. Just keep trying to break the dummies, when your bat is in prep mode, it can look like you are hitting them, make sure you refer to your booklet for actual "hitting." I am on PSP and kept hitting L but that just held my bat up, I had to use x as well to break the dummies.