Scientists Discover...

  • Scientists in a top secret government laboratory here in the northernmost extremities of the U.S. portion of the Great Plains, best known for its cereal grains, incessant wind, and unbearable winters, today announced, without any of the usual preliminary fanfare and trumpeting by scientific public relations wonks, the discovery by a highly trained and heavily bearded group of chemists, biologists, physicists, astronomers, and writers of some of the world's most ridiculous and occasionally gross and insulting satires, of what they claim to be, notwithstanding counterclaims by scientists and satirists in Poland who claim to have discovered an even bigger one, or parodists, not well-tolerated by their more-or-less totalitarian or at least highly authoritarian government, in China (the mainland, that is, not Taiwan or Hong Kong or even little reed-covered islands whose names have been temporarily misplaced) the world's longest, measured in inches or centimeters, whichever you prefer, sentence, which, as informed figures in certain important departments of the Federal government have been assuring everyone, contains nothing particularly useful or interesting that could be recorded in history books and studied many years hence by small children or perhaps memorized by them and recited in class to their peers and even their mothers and fathers if they care to attend on one of those days like Helpful Grandparents Day when all of the aged grandparental units are supposed to go to the elementary school in the middle of the morning and look famously wise, grizzled, and proud, especially of their clean, shiny, hopping-up-and-down grandchildren and the fact that these very same grandchildren grasp the basic concepts of elementary algebra even though they are required by the state at this age merely to be able to count to 10 and, in reading class as opposed to math class, to read words with not very many letters in them, like the word "stop." <_< <br />
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  • He he, looks like something I could have written :lol:
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    That was on strange confusing sentence.....

  • :o :o :o :o :o Yes, it does llok like something Manneman would wright! That is long!
  • Jeeezzzzz!!! Imagine if you had to give that as a speech?!!!! You'd need a bl@@dy resuscitator by the time you'd finished! :D
  • ha ha, what a long boring sentence. <_<