• Please Help,
    I Tried Signing Into Playstation Store Earlier And It Wouldnt Let Me In. It Came Up With(an Error Has Occured. You Have Been Signed Out Of Playstation@network.(80031606).
    I Tried Changing My Password Just To Make Sure It Wasnt That,and It Still Did The Same.
    Any Help Would Be Great,cheers:( :( :(
  • There was no word on maintenance happening. You may have just run into a bit of a hiccup while the store was being updated, perhaps. Try later on and see what happens.
  • Unfortunately there have been literally thousands of folks who have been having issues with the PSN Network for the last day & a half.

    The release of MW2 and SONY's decision to upgrade parts of its network on the same day (rumors are it has to do with the NetFlix offerings) have resulted in many users not being able to access the PSN network.

    Activision is blaming SONY, SONY is blaming Activison; and still here we sit, dead in the water, problem still unresolved for many (myself included). I have not been able to access the PSN since just before noon Tuesday, as have a few friends of mine as well.

    If you head on over to the official PlayStation website, there are so many posts regarding this issue those forums too are becoming bogged down.