Silent Hill 2, Need Help!
  • Ok, I admit it. I'm lost on this game!!! :angry: But mabe you guys can help me :lol: I can't find these "coins"
    that I need to find to open a box that is in the second apartment building. I need help finding them please! :wacko:

    See ya later :ph34r:

  • Okey dokey, first of all, remember back in that first appt. building where you got the big can of juice? You're supposed to drop it down the garbage chute that's in the laundry room on the second floor. Then, once you're outside, you should be able to go around the building (don't remember how now, but I think it's out the front door, like you came in) to the area where there's the garbage dumpsters and pick up one of the coins.

    THEN: there's the coin that you find in the 'pool' in the courtyard, but there are some baddies in there that you'll have to kill to get to it. I believe it's in a baby carriage that's in the pool. (I don't know why there's a baby carriage in the pool!!)

    From here, you go back into the building a different way, back upstairs again (a different route) and head to the fire-escape and into that other appt building.

    In this next building, you'll eventually come to the lady "Angela"... after the cutscene's done with her, search the room she's in and the third coin is in there, somewhere.

    TAH DAH!! :D

    Hope that helped! :D