• Having a little trouble killing dumah, i don't know what to do to hurt him. I have done eveerything i can think. I've tried getting him follow me into the room with the statue in the middle and getting him to run around it, i've tried climbing the two large statues in the throne room, but i can't figure it out am i supposed to not pull the three poles out of his body and go to the spiritual realm or should i stay in the physical???

    I am really stuck and it is starting to irritate me please give me some hints on what to do. but please don't just tell me how to do it
  • You have to get Duma follow you to the room with the switches that can be used to make FIRE.When hes there he should go to the middle and then you just flick the switches and FIRE.

    That should take care of him.
  • cheers