PSP problems
  • I just bought a PSP from someone at school. He tried to mod the PSP but cut the battery wrong. Now the PSP wont really work. It wont turn on unless its plugged into the charger and even then I only got it to work a few times. Ive tried to get it to play a game but it wouldnt do that either. Ive tried putting a new battery in it and tried a different charger. When i tried the new charger the on/off light blinked continuelly each second, but still wouldnt turn on. Can someone please help me?
  • Congratulations, Nova- your friend just sold you a paperweight. You'll likely need to contact Sony about fixing it (which will run about $80).

    It's things like this happening that sums up our own stance on modding. If you aren't sure what you are doing, don't do it as you can easily mess up the system.
  • Im not the 1 who tried to mod it remember?

    and he's not my friend
  • Thing is, because someone did try to modify the system in the first place the warranty was voided at that point (plus the warranty doesn't cover units purchased used). It's on your dime to have the thing fixed either by Sony or someone that actually knows what they are doing with modding.