• Game froze up in middle of rock band two.
    I quit the game and accidently hit the eject botton while screen was displaying plese wait.:rolleyes: Oopps itchy finger
    I turned off the system and tried again,now I am unable to load any game,will not even show disc and not attempting to load disc.:mad:
    I pulled the hard drive and reinserted,also checked to make sure disc is set to auto start.but like I said isn't even showing a discAlso reset defaults.
    I would appreciate any help.
  • I would suggest deleting the game's system data (keep your game save) then try putting the disc in. If that doesn't work you may want to go a bit more drastic by copying your saves on to a USB thumb drive then reformat the drive completely. After that you can set up the PSN ID(s) on the system and move the game saves back. Any downloads you purchased would be available via the store download list.

    If, after all that, it still doesn't load games you may need to contact Sony.
  • Thanks,will post results