Ratchet And Clank
  • Hi!
    On planet quatro I found a bolt collector but i don't know what it is or what it does. If you could let me know what this is possibly for, i would appreciate it.


    Nitroglan :rolleyes:
  • Hi nitroglan-I moved this from the members Area Questions as that spot is meant for questions regarding the forum itself,not game questions.

    As for the bolt detector,this is used to find hidden stashes of bolts.When you see a flashing indicator in the low right corner of the screen equip the detector and hold down the square button.As you get closer to buried bolts the rings will turn red and point in the direction of the stash-just follow and collect.Once the flashing icon is gone you've collected all there is.You'll find buried bolts on all the planets so do some backtracking to build up your stash! B)