Dynatsy Warriors Xl Legends.
  • hi... i love MA Chao.. hes my favourite.. but i can't get his fifth weapon... i checked varrios sites...
    but i can't... i can't find the person i have to kill lio..something..please help
  • What you need to do: Beat Liu Xun or Liu Han before Pang Tong dies.

    Best way to do it: You can play Pang Tong to make sure he doesn't die if you so wish, but if you want to use an alternate officer it would be best if you run directly into enemy territory to defeat Liu Han. Once you have done this, return to Liu Bei's side, and defeat all officers that arrive starting with the closest one. Eventually, Liu Bei will start to travel up the Northern path. Defeat officers and troops as he moves along, and then toward Liu Zhang's territory leave his side and get the weapon (you don't want Liu Zhang to surrender before you get the weapon)(located under the castle wall if i'm not mistaken). Return if Liu Bei is in danger, if not just defeat Liu Zhang.

    The weapon is the Lightning Spear and it's stats are:
    Basic +42, Jump +21, Musou +87, Luck +15, Range +21, Charge +8

    Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • i haven't even finished getting everyone's 4th weapons yet. Very Hard mode is Very Extremely Frustratingly Hard.

    the guide i have says...

    1) Make sure difficulty is set to Very Hard.

    2) Play the "Assault on Cheng Du" stage, on the side of the Shu forces.

    3) Defeat Liu Xun or Liu Han before Pang Tong dies.

    4) There will be a precious item report. Get the weapon from the crate that appears in the SW corner before the stage ends.

    The strategy says you can play as Pang Tong to keep him alive, but i think you have to play as Ma Chao if you want to get Ma Chao's weapon. Maybe they mean you can have a second player play Pang Tong as your bodyguard. You have to try to keep Liu Bei alive too, if he dies, the stage ends and you lose. Just kill every officer you can find. I think one of the officers you have to kill shows up in an ambush party, on the southern path in front of Pang Tong, and the other stays near the general you have to defeat to win the stage.

    Good Luck

    One more thing, you have to be playing Original mode to get Ma Chao's fifth weapon, meaning if you don't own both DW3 and DW3: Xtreme Legends, you won't be able to get it.