GTA, I can't see some players, and frequent disconnections online. Help?
  • Gta Iv for the Ps3, is the only game which I have problems with online. My wireless signal strength is 100% so I know it has something to do with the game.

    Anyways, I can't see some players. For example, when playing team deathmatch, I saw 1 other person besides from me in the loading page. I could see it saying in the bottom left hand corner: There is not enough players. But overlapping it was the words: Starting in... Surely it can't be, as you need 3 players in a game for team deathmatch, but there was only 2 showing to me.

    It is really weird and it is happening very frequently. In the game, the person I could see was getting killed by another person I couldn't see, and when he died it says: "(PSN ID) died." I could see the bullets firing but not the person.

    I'm definitely sure it's not a glitch, as everybody else can see them, but not me. What in the world is the problem?

    Also, I get into about 1 into 10 games without it saying "Disconnected from game", and about 1 in 20 games without it saying"Disconnected from game", and for there to NOT be an invisible(to me anyway) person.

    I have opened the ports in my router for GTA IV and PSN, but it has definitely not made an improvement.

    Please help!

    I rang o2 and rockstar but neither helped.
    I have an o2 wireless box 2