• Hello, I have recently purchased a newer slimline PS2 and 16 MB max memory card. While playing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, after saving, turning the consol off, and returning to play again, for some reason when trying to load the previous session, all the saved games show up as being corrupt.
    This only happens at a certain point in the game, as I have had to restart a couple of times.
    This seems to not happen with any of my other games and I am puzzled as to why.
    Is this a problem with the memory card, console or game itself, and how can it be remedied?
    Thanks, Nashoba.
  • The memory card itself is the culprit, nashoba. Those third-party memory cards can be bad for that sort of thing. You'll need to start over on your game (and I suggest getting a regular Sony PS2 memory card for your saves this time).