PSP won't turn on
  • I have a very big issue with my PSP-1004, when i try tu turn it on, nothing happens, when i put the charger in there is an orange light, but still no power on, when i put pandora's battery in, still, no power. I quess this is a hardware problem, because i didn't find ant easy solutions. So maby someone had a simmilar problem and solved it?

    BTW, the power button works just fine and the battery is ok.
  • It's definitely a hardware issue. I think your PSP may be pretty much bricked if it isn't coming on even with the charger attached.

    We're not into the homebrew/ modding bit here so we may not be of much help to you here. You may have to contact Sony to have the PSP fixed (which will run about $80).
  • Oh :/ Thanks for help
  • My psp has also exhibited a similar problem. The console has been working fine for quite a while, has not had a firmware upgrade in at least a year (I only ever play pro evo!) and now won't power up or down.

    I think this relates to a dry joint perhaps or some other failure in the power board. If the psp has been off and cold (not used for a while), i can power it up, suspend and fully power down (hold the power switch for longer) fine but after playing for a while (not sure how long that is but def not that long (maybe 10 mins) i cannot suspend or power off the device. The only option is a battery pull. After restoring the battery, i cannot power it on (no lights temporarily shows, the console just does not respond) unless I leave it for quite some time.

    Finally, regardless of the state, if I plug the device to the charger, the orange charge light does show. If the console is stuff in the off state, removing the battery and attempting to power up with only the charger plugged in does not work either.

    Has anyone seen this problem before? Can anyone suggest a fix?

  • If your theory is correct (and it most likely is something loose/ broken on the motherboard) your only recourse would be to contact Sony themselves to ask about repairs. If you are within a year of owning it you're covered under warranty (as long as whatever's happening wasn't caused by maybe being dropped at some point).
  • OK, as a test I decided to run the PSP until it had warmed up and would stop responding to a power off. I then put the PSP in a plastic bad and in the freezer for around 5 minutes. After taking it out, it would respond to the power off.

    I could try reseating cables (It has never been dropped btw) or it might be a dry joint. Could it be the power board under the right hand side keys? I am wondering what component I need to replace as resoldiering is probably not an option (it is probably to delicate a job)...
  • maybe the power cable has been faulty all this time and now it just failed, you should take it back to Sony for a free repair, unless you opened it up..