Go away!
  • Yea sorry just didn't want to post another thread with the title hey, or hi...
    HI all,
    My name is Melissa I have had my ps3 for about 2 months, and I love it. I play a variety of games.
    Right now I am addicted to GTA4, Little big planet, call of duty 4, and need for speed shift.

    if anyone wants to add me to their friends my gamer tag is:

    Game on!
  • Welcome to AP lislou2782!

    You have found one of the best sites for the PlayStation fan...great threads, great members and a boat-load of info can be gleamed from the threads here.

    Hope to see you around the forums as well as online some time. I will add you as we have many of the same games.

    PSN is: Wade_VC