Yet another request for wireless help-WPA key
  • Hi,
    This forum has been a great help, but I am still having a problem.

    I had my PS3 connected to my D-Link router for a few weeks without any problems, then it simply stopped. Using this forum as a guide, I reserved an IP address for the PS3 (.100) and made several of the other suggestions. However, the WPA keeps failing. (WPA2-PSK (AES))

    I am certain I am entering it correctly, I even re-typed it at the router, then tested it with my laptop, which was fine. To see if there was another problem, I also removed security entirely to test it. It did work that way--but I don't leave my router open--so when I reset the WPA, I had the same problem.

    I tested every step with my laptop connected wirelessly, as well, making sure the laptop was connecting using a different IP.

    Any ideas? Thank you.
  • You might want to try using the first WPA instead of WPA2-PSK with the same password and see if that helps. Another possibility is maybe giving the router a firmware upgrade (you can check with D-Link's site for the latest version for your router).
  • Thank you. It was working for a while, at least to download a game update while the PS Network connection was still sporadic, but it's stopped again.
  • Ok. Did you check D-Link's site for updated firmware like I mentioned above?
  • I did. That didn't seem to have much effect, but today the PS3 said it needed to download an upgrade to sign in the PS Network. It seems fine now. Thank you.