• Noob, just bought our playstation 3 game console for our anniversary yep 35 of marriage and gaming together :D starting with atari game system, then ps1, 2 and now 3, this is the first time it will be connected online so we haven't taken that step yet, although we traded all our ps2 games for tiger woods tour 10 so no going back now lol.
  • Welcome to AP Helene.

    Ok, so you are a nOOb when it comes to the PS3, but certainly not a nOOb to gaming...nice to see another face from the early days of gaming (my first console was the original PONG).

    Anyway, welcome to AP, I am sure you will find a lot of great information and a even better group of people here. Take some time to look over the many threads, and you too will see why AP is one of the best sires for the PS fan to be found.

    Hope to see you around the forums AND online as well.